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Science Behind CinGx

A study released in Diabetes Care for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes with cinnamon for a period of 40 days showed decreases in fasting glucose levels of 18-29%, cholesterol decreases of 12-26%, and decreases in triglycerides 23-30% (Khan, A, et al. Diabetes Care 26: 3215-3218, 2003).

Only CinGx™ has a unique, powerful combination of plant extracts and concentrates that contain MANY times the concentration of the active ingredients found naturally in cinnamon and ginseng

This is the most effective combination of these ingredients tp promote healthy blood glucose levels and improved cognitive function CinGx™ is specifically formulated to reduce blood glucose and improve vitality of life all at the same time.

CinGx™ is non-toxic and safe when taken over extended periods of time Meets all North American regulatory requirements of Health Canada the FDA.


Reduction in glucose and cholesterol levels


CinG-X has Been Approved by Health Canada

Approved Recognized Health Claims*

üHelps to promote healthy blood glucose levels

üHelps support cognitive function

üHelps reduce mental fatigue

üUsed in Herbal Medicine to help enhance physical capacity and performance

* In Canada CinG-X claims are supported by Master File OF12-21-26454-MF001.


PCT International Application No.PCTICA2009IOO1528

The claims recognized for a daily dose by the International Patent Examiner after a review of the science are set out below:

  • the improvement of cognitive function. 
  • for the prevention or prophylactic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • for the prevention of arterial disease.
  • the improvement of cognitive function and the 
  • maintenance or lowering of blood-sugar levels. 
  • the improvement of cognitive function in diabetics.


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Ziegenfuss et al. Effects of a water-soluble cinnamon extract on body composition and feature

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